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log4cpp Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
log4cpp::AppenderImplement this interface for your own strategies for printing log statements
log4cpp::AppenderSkeletonAppenderSkeleton is a helper class, simplifying implementation of Appenders: it already takes care of handling of Thresholds and Filters
log4cpp::BasicConfiguratorThis class implements a trivial default configuration for log4cpp: it adds a FileAppender that logs to stdout and uses a BasicLayout to the root Category
log4cpp::BasicLayoutBasicLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation
log4cpp::CategoryThis is the central class in the log4j package
log4cpp::CategoryStreamThis class enables streaming simple types and objects to a category
log4cpp::ConfigureFailureException class for configuration
log4cpp::FilterUsers should extend this class to implement customized logging event filtering
log4cpp::FixedContextCategoryThis Category subclass replaces the NDC field in LoggingEvents with a fixed context string
log4cpp::HierarchyMaintainerHierarchyMaintainer is an internal log4cpp class
log4cpp::IdsaAppenderIdsaAppender is an Appender that sends LoggingEvents to the IDS/A logger and reference monitor by Marc Welz
log4cpp::LayoutExtend this abstract class to create your own log layout format
log4cpp::LayoutAppenderLayoutAppender is a common superclass for all Appenders that require a Layout
log4cpp::LoggingEventThe internal representation of logging events
log4cpp::threading::MSMutexA simple object wrapper around CreateMutex() and DeleteMutex()
log4cpp::threading::MSScopedLockA simple object wrapper around WaitForSingleObject() and ReleaseMutex()
log4cpp::NDCThe NDC class implements nested diagnostic contexts as defined by Neil Harrison in the article "Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages" part of the book "Pattern Languages of Program Design 3" edited by Martin et al
log4cpp::NTEventLogAppenderNTEventLogAppender is an Appender that sends LoggingEvents to the Windows event log
log4cpp::OstreamAppenderOstreamAppender appends LoggingEvents to ostreams
log4cpp::PatternLayoutPatternLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation
log4cpp::PriorityThe Priority class provides importance levels with which one can categorize log messages
log4cpp::PropertyConfiguratorProperty configurator will read a config file using the same (or similar) format to the config file used by log4j
log4cpp::RemoteSyslogAppenderRemoteSyslogAppender sends LoggingEvents to a remote syslog system
log4cpp::RollingFileAppenderRollingFileAppender is a FileAppender that rolls over the logfile once it has reached a certain size limit
log4cpp::threading::ScopedLockDefinition of ScopedLock;
log4cpp::SimpleConfiguratorThis class implements a simple Configurator for log4cpp
log4cpp::SimpleLayoutBasicLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation
log4cpp::StringQueueAppenderThis class puts log messages in an in-memory queue
log4cpp::SyslogAppenderSyslogAppender sends LoggingEvents to the local syslog system
log4cpp::threading::ThreadLocalDataHolder< T >This class holds Thread local data of type T, i.e
log4cpp::TimeStampA simple TimeStamp abstraction
log4cpp::Win32DebugAppenderWin32DebugAppender simply sends the log message to the default system debugger on Win32 systems

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